Daylen's Piece for thursday

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Daylen's Piece for thursday

Post by Dim_Jimbo on Fri Aug 25, 2017 7:50 pm

Oh god. It’s over. It’s all over. It’s monday again. And the hangover is taking its toll on me again. As I open my eyes, everythings a blur. I can only see a few blurs, and lines of gold and silver in some form of a pattern. I fell asleep on the rug again. I’ll end up getting fired if I’m late for class. As I struggle to speak and move my lips I’m able to slip a spell from my mouth. Should have done a restoration spell instead of a recovery spell. Took a lot of stamina out of me. I take a look around the room. “One two three six twelve” as I count the empty bottles of alcohol around the room. “Alrighty let’s see here. Cloak, check. Artifact, check. Cash, not necessary but check. Todays schedule and plan, check.” as I stumble down the stairs to homeroom, I review today’s plans and groan in pain. Another one is joining the class. Back in my day, getting into this school was the hardest to get into. Scraping the ground and crawling my way to the top. Nowadays people with a special name can get into this school. “God I hate prodigies.” I mumble as I walk through the hallways. Today is gonna be awful. I open the door to see the kids messing around with their natural magic. Pranking and challenging each other or just making peoples lives worse like mine. I take my place in the front of the class and everyone takes their seats. “Alright students! It’s time to begin another day of magic at R.P.S! And may the gods have mercy on those who have their next classes with me again!”. Most of the students faces are straight and serious or terrified or confident. The only good part about being a teacher is that these students wouldn’t dare mess with me. The Midas River, The Liquid Serpent, The Seer of Wine. Bacchus, their homeroom and arcane studies teacher.

Another awful day with these students. Here at RPS, we are a prodigy only school, teachers excluded. To get into this school, you need to be deemed a prodigy by the Virtues of the magic world. But it wasn’t always like that. Our school is the top school and was always the top school when I came here. I worked hard to get into this school and to graduate. But now all a kid needs is a fancy title and use of magic with ease. These kids treat their gifts like nothing. Bratty and self centered balls of talent. There are a few kids that are kind and pure in this school. Use to be full of them. Now it’s full of bad personality. Today is gonna add more flavoring to the grey sludge our cafeteria serves. New student arriving today. The kids name is Zeus. Apparently his natural magic is thunder and lightning. Easily able to learn sky magic. To top it all off, the child was born in the worst thunderstorm known to man and yet his village was untouched. A miracle as they say. It’s impressive and all. Thunder and lightning are simple magic arts but require years of training. A simple mistake can cause the body to electrocute itself from the surge of energy or incorrectly flowing the energy from your hands. But I expect nothing but a snobby teenager. Might even join a dueler team with his magic. Powerful strikes and manys uses if you can get creative enough. He should be arriving soon. “Listen up kids!” all the students turn their attention to me with excellent focus. “A new student is joining us! I know most of you are incapable of this but I expect you to all show him respect and greet him like you greet your grand mothers!” none of the students make a sound. One of the students raise their hands. “What is it Geb?” The boy stands up to speak. Dirt brown hair and a robe that shows the wall of a cliff bottom with falling boulders.
“Why a new student this late after entry exams?” asked Geb. His voice was so deep it sounded like rolling stones.
“Good question. If only we had more of those. This kid isn’t like the rest. He special, powerful, and from what the archwizard said, ‘Ironically more of a gentleman than most of the male students here’.” I actually added that last part myself. I expect a snobby teen but getting the kids to mess with new one will teach him who to stay away from hopefully. It may be a bit cruel but a new student after entry exams are finished is a kid you want to succeed. “Any more questions?” My voice echoed again. The students knew it was a threat not a question this time. Before beginning class, there was a knock at the hall door. “Ah yes the new student is here.” I conjured up a list of my schedule today. A sloppy mess of bad handwriting that looked like scratching with a pencil and alcohol stains. No times or specific details, just words in a certain order. Homeroom, arcane studies, drinking break, arcane studies, drinking break, after-drinking break, Natural Magics history, drinking break, lunch(Drinking break-The heavy enchanted drinks), “sober up break”. Then the rest is too messy for me to read. I need to write a schedule when I’m not drunk.
“HEEEELLLLLOOOOO NEW FRIENDS!” a light pitched voice was heard through the room. I saw all the students with their eyes widened while others were laughing(the boys) and the rest were saying how adorable and cute the new student was(the girls and rest of the boys who aren’t assholes).
“Did I just hear a litt-” My speech was interrupted by the sight of a small child with surging blue,sharp hair like a clear sky. He was wearing a robe that showed a thunderstorm from blackened clouds with the bottom of the robe showing a single tree struggling against the winds and rain of the storms as lightning struck everywhere but the single tree. I walked up to the little kid and bent down to speak with him easier. “Hey sport, are you lost or something? Let’s go find the archwizard, he’ll help you.” The kid shooked his head. “Excuse me?”
“I’m not lost mister! The archwizard told me to come here! Is this room 2319?” The little kid squeaked when he asked the question and made half the class squeal of adoration.
“Yes this is room 2319, but we are expecting a new student named Zeus so please be on your merry way child.” I began pushing the child out the door and the class began to cry seeing the child leave. It’s just a little. Jeez, what’s so special about him anyways.
“But my name is Zeus mister sir teacher!” My feet stopped in their tracks and the class began to cheer.
“Next student that makes a fucking sound is being sent to the tower! And anyone that disagrees will have to duel with me!” The students opened their books and began studying. I took another look at the kid. His hair and robe should have given out the obvious to me. I don’t think that recovery spell did its thing. I can’t tell the difference of being drunk or sober anymore. “Tell me child, how old are you exactly?”
“I’m 10 years 8 months 1 week 4 days 18 hours and 27 minutes exactly sir!” said the intellectual child.
“What about seconds?” The kid tilted his head in response to my question.
“What are seconds?” asked Zeus.
“Oh you naive child. There are kids that go the rest of their lives regretting the fact they couldn’t get into this school. But you, a ten year old child, made it into this school with ease. This makes one thing very clear.” The class stares at me waiting for me to burst into rage. Students began casting copycat spells so they can relive this moment. “That means. The rest of our students by comparison are pathetic for entering this school in their goddam teens. HA THIS TEN YEAR OLD GOT INTO THE HARDEST MAGIC SCHOOL IN THE WORLD WITH NO TROUBLE! OUR STUDENTS ARE CHUMPS HA!” I dropped to floor laughing. “ HAHAHA OH THAT’S GOLDEN!”
“Um. mister?” said Zeus. I struggled picking myself back up still chuckling.
“Okay, sorry. Just let me catch my breathe. Well welcome to homeroom kid. Alright back to class. Where were we?” A kid in the back raises his hand. “The kid with the hairy elbows. Glad someone pays attention.” The kid stands to reveal him wearing average clothing. Basic pants and a blue sweater with a name tag reading “Sightless”. With my deduction skills as a teacher who’s been teaching the same kids for three years. I can see that this student lacks a robe. It is a school requirement to wear your robe. Obviously I can conclude that he is a natural stealth user.
“Can I go back to the dorm for my robe.”


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