The Heartmaker

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The Heartmaker

Post by misguided ghost on Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:24 pm

I am a heartmaker
I provide custom-made hearts for anyone who needs one
I work for all sorts of people
And yet my business is overlooked
Everyone with a heart has me to thank for it
But they all forget where the beating in their chest came from

To the teachers, I gave wooden hearts
Stubborn, yet simply softened by water

For the politicians, I made hearts of foolsgold
Made to seem precious, but only to the gullible eye

The revolutionaries received steel hearts
Resilient against adversity, and refined in fire

The artists, they got paper hearts
Scribbled with words and music notes and splattered with paint

The helpers? Their hearts were pillows
Soft, comforting, and effortlessly punctured

My heart...
It was made by my parents
And it’s mostly just well-fitting cogs and cooperating wires
With glass around it
Painstakingly constructed
Easily shattered

I once knew a heartbreaker
Someone whose profession was the exact opposite from mine
And even I was too stupid to stay away
This heartbreaker intrigued me
His heart seemed to be made of roses
But I hadn’t noticed the thorns
I pricked my finger when I got too close to his heart
But it had been beautiful from a distance

The daggers in his heart cracked the outer layer of mine
Glittering shards fell to my toes
My bare feet were cut by my splintered shell
And the spikes went further inside my heart
The gears stopped turning
The wires sputtered and gave out

I sighed and took the entwined hearts from our chests
I set to work repairing mine
And then his
I made the glass stiffer
The machinery more determined
I made the petals softer
And the thorns tender
I could not get the hearts to detangle
He broke me
I fixed him
And then our hearts began beating as one
misguided ghost

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