Tuesdays 4/11/17 Daylen Newton, Operation Nashews

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Tuesdays 4/11/17 Daylen Newton, Operation Nashews

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“Has anyone seen him? Where the hell did he run off to?” said the teacher. A kid in the back answered for the teacher
“He’s on the roof again Mr. Miller.”.
“What is it this time?”said Mr. Miller.
“There’s about 12 yards of bubble wrap out in the front of the school.”The kid answered. The cold wasn’t helping my situation at all. I could feel the roof rumbling of Millers yelling from his classroom. “Well shit I’ve been found out. Might as well do it before he finds me.” I said. My heart beat begins racing as I back up to get a running start, I was getting tired of the cold anyways and bored. My legs pounding against the roof I ran as fast I can then jump towards the pile of bubble wrap. It’s about a 20 meter drop but there’s 12 inches of bubble wrap at my destination. My mouth spreads across my face in the shape of a smile as I drop when I catch a glimpse of Millers classroom and hear those forbidden words. GOD DAMMIT NAAAAASH!
“Ah yes” I whisper to myself. I look down and see that I’m near my landing point. As I land on the bubble wrap, all of it pops in unison making a loud pop that can be heard for miles. My ears were ringing and I was drowning in bubble wrap and couldn’t even hear whoever came out front to see what happened. Waving my hand wildly, I grab the first hand I can get a hold of and get pulled out of the pile of bubble wrap. It was the hands of one of my closest friends, Kurt Wordsworth.
“This is getting real old Nash.”said Kurt.
“It’s the best way to start first period.”I said to him. He rolls his eyes and proceeds back to his class.
“If you hurry back to your class Mr. Miller might let you off with a tardy!” He shouts.
“Will do!” I shout back. Everyone returns back to their classes just as I do. Today’s gonna be a swell day. My names Nash Browning. I’m 170 centimeters tall on the dot. I got wavy hair down to my neck and blue eyes. My favorite colors are green, gray, and pink and I love wearing sandals. I live alone in an apartment. Rent isn’t hard to keep up with since I’m a published poet. An amatuer poet at that.
As I walk back into the classroom, I can see everyone turning red keeping themselves from laughing.
“You’re in a lot of trouble Nash.” Miller tells me.
“When is there a time that I’m not in trouble Mills?” I ask him. He gives me a sharp look that could cut through diamond and says
“What have I told you about addressing your teachers Nash?” he said.
“Nothing I presume. I’m flattered that you think I pay attention in this class.” staring him straight at his eyes as I sit down on my chair. He grumbles to himself and proceeds with the lesson.
“You need the notes for this class Nash?” I jump back into my seat, startled by the familiar voice. The voice belonged to a long time friend of mine, Shermie Frost. A straight A’s student and finishes any assignment the day it’s due unless it’s a project or week long assignment. Shes roughly 164 centimeters tall and dyes her hair as blue as a clean sparkling lake in the summer. Shes dyed it for so long, I can’t even remember what the natural color of her hair was and she never lets it fade. Despite being a genius she never takes anything seriously and always likes to goof off. To a point where she wants to join me on my stupid adventures such as filling all the basketballs with mayonnaise or riding down the stairs in fragile wicker baskets. I never let her considering the fact that all the things I’ve done up until today, it’s the third or fourth time I wasn’t injured or severely punished. The last thing I want to happen is for somebody to get hurt. Anyways, she‘s a good friend and we get along well.
“I don’t even know what class this is.” I sarcastically told her.
“You’re in history class Nash” she rhetorically told me. “Give me your notebook i’ll take notes for you.” She begins rummaging through my backpack for my note. My hands slam on the side of the backpack with the force of thunder forcing her hands out of the backpack.
“Don’t waste your time doing pointless things.” I tell her as I begin to zip my backpack close again.
“What do you mean by pointless things?” she curiously asks. Most people think she’s dense despite being one of the smartest kids in our school but she isn’t. She plays herself off as an innocent sheltered girl, but in reality she’s cunning and perceptive. Charming people to get them to do what she wants. She tests her technique on me in hopes of fooling me into letting her help but it’ll never work.
“Pointless things like helping me and wasting time like trying to help me.”I told her.
“But you’re gonna end up repeating the grade Nash! Hand me your notebook so I can write notes for you.” she said. As despicable as she may be, she’s got a good heart.
“Fine. You win, take the notebook.”I reluctantly said as I hand her the notebook.
“Was that so hard Nash?”she says charmingly. Yes, yes it was hard to do. “And after I finish this Nash, you can treat me to lunch!”She says with a devilish grin. That evil bitch! I was stupid to think she do something nice without expect a reward! Jokes on her though because I likely got lunch detention today because of the bubble incident. The thought of silently sitting in lunch detention while she’s waiting in the cold for her lunch is just enough to make me skip it to see the look on her face.
“Hey Nash good news!” A voice I heard echoing through my thoughts
“Fuck.”I mumble under my breath. That voice belonged to no one else but Mills.
“Since the bubble wrap incident didn’t cause that much of a commotion surprisingly, you won’t be punished.” he regretfully told me “But next time don’t expect me to have your back next time Mr. Browning” Mr. Millers was looking out for me. But in the end, he unknowingly punished me today. Curse you for having such a genuine soul Mills.
“Want me to guess what you were thinking just now?” Shermie said.
“Not another word out of you.” I regretfully told her. Today’s gonna be a long day and I mean staring at the clock long. The bell ring signaling to everyone to flock together like birds and migrate to our next class. As painful as today maybe, my days at school tend to get slowly better. Since each class I go to another one of my friends joins me for the rest of the day till our last period where all of my friends are in the same class. But this also means the days get wilder as they go and each one more memorable than the last. Something like this is something you need to cherish. If there’s one thing I know one life. Live in the moment. Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may die. Because someday when you least expect it. You’re gonna wish you had just one more chance.
“So you wanna start a business about selling cashews? Do you realize how bland and simple that idea is?”. I’ve never taken it into consideration but maybe just selling one product could be a bad idea. Maybe.
“I don’t think you realize how delicious cashews are Kurt.” I remarked at him. You could see the fumes of anger coming from his ears as his face turned as red as fire from anger. If a bull saw his face, it turn around and run for the hills.
“Not only is your idea a failure, but so is your stupid business name!” he blasted out from his mouth just before giving up. Clearly Kurt isn’t as open minded as me. I think that the name Nashews is a great business name.
“Well once I become a successful businessman, I’ll be laughing in your face saying I told you so Kurt!”
“But yet you won’t be able to do that Nash if you fail the tenth grade.” said Kurt. “And the teachers wonder why you’re failing math, science, and history.”. I don’t find those subjects as appealing as english and programming. Also I have a hard time paying attention in science and math is just really hard. But history, I just like doing nothing in that class.
¨Could you atleast try in this class so the teacher thinks she’s making an impact on your learning.¨ said Kurt. Second period, math class. One of my closest friends, Kurt Wordsworth. I´ve known him since seventh grade and it feels like we have known each other since birth. Hes the guy that helps and joins me on my crazy adventures. While he might not be as laid back as I am, he´s much more flamboyant and classy than me but more serious. He´s around 178 centimeter tall with smooth silky black hair. As if he wakes up early in the morning to position each strand of hair carefully to create a masterpiece of hairstyles. The only way to get to know Kurt is to see what he does. Math class ended up just passing by like the winds dragging leaves off of trees to the other side of town. Off to third period, my favorite also, english class. Best part about that class is that my good ól friend of mine Mills teaches that class. Itś also where I meet up with another one of my friends, Jollo Caminha. Jollo is serious person, straight A’s honor roll student. But other than that, you could easily call him the exact opposite of Shermie. He looks like a cold person but he’s really a sweet and funny person. He wears a vertically striped shirt cutting straight down the middle of hearts scattered through his shirt. He always wears a duster that he treasures. It was a gift from his father and he only takes it off before going to bed, taking a shower, changing clothes, and to wash it. Just him walking into a small ray of sunlight on a cloudy day reflects all of the light off his jacket. Not a single shred of light touches his skin or hair. Thanks to that his hair has a light purple to it. His hairstyle is shaped like single around the sides of his head and the back is a huge circle of hair. Like a whirlpool of flower petals. While the top and front of his head is slicked back normally.
“Rumour has it that you’re going on a date with Shermie.”said the “smug” bastard.
“OH HA HA HA HA, man your just so-fuck off Jollo.”
“Shermie herself is spreading it around.”
“Well what do you think she’s doing, she loves doing stupid stuff like this.”
“How did she trick you this time.”
“I let her take notes for me and now I’m gonna be fifty dollars poorer by lunch.”
The best part of our school is that we’re in right outside of downtown. Our lunch is an hour and a half and it’s a five minute walk to downtown where they got restaurants, hangouts, and small shops. It’s where me and the gang get our supplies for our antics and where we also hangout. But you’ll know more about it later.
"To have joy one must share it. Happiness was born a twin." sung Mills “Can anyone tell me the origin of this quote.”
My hand shot up instantly.
“Anyone else know the answer?” said Mills weakly. My hand begins blooming like a flower asking to for attention to be watered. “Fine Nash just tell the class.”
“The quote was from the famous poet Lord Byron or known as George Gordon born 1788-1824” I proudly said.
“Yes, yes Mr. Browning once again you’ve displayed your extensive kno-”
“Also one of the most flamboyant and notorious romantic poets of his time. As a child he was born with a clubbed foot,but still a popular child playing sports such as cricket with a fitted boot and brace. He wrote verses as a young child and his master, Alexander pope, or the man he name his master, never lost his touch of reality. Byron captured the western mind, heart, and soul as he wrote in the years 1801-1805 where he exce-”
“NASH!” As I snapped out of the trap of my speech
“Sit.” said Mills
“But I justed wanted to”
“Down.” Said Mills one again this time more menacing with sweat running down his forehead.
“All I was doing was”
“Now.” He bellowed out. Each pause was longer between each word as if he was waiting for me to speak. I sat back down at my seat with Mills still glaring at me, biting his lips. Like a lion waiting for his prey to make a move and pounce onto them. He would tear my limbs and grades if I spoke once more.
“Outside now Nash.” He grumbled while looking at his desk. I think he finally broke. My footsteps moved on their own out of fear and the will to live. You could see the trembling in the furniture near the desk itself. Not from fear of Mr. Millers, but from the anger he just released out into the air. The papers and shelfs and books absorbing it and shaking from anger towards me, as if they were about to leave a hole in the building. “Turn to page 203 in your textbooks and begin reading on how poetry affected the world of romance in the 1700s, the subject for today!” He said gleefully. Just like that the man bounces back despite his short fuse.
As we step outside, I can see Jollo in the back making a symbol of the Cross and mouthing “See you in a week” before the door shuts his sights from me. Just when I thought he was positive guy too. My face meets with Mr. Millers right as he begins to speak.
“I’M SORRY!” I screech.
“Excuse me?” He asks confusingly.
“I didn’t mean to drone on about lord Byron, it’s just that he such a great poet and that I could talk about him for hours and hours about his schools of violent, though beautiful love he experienced throughout the years of his bisexual tendencies. From falling in loving with his distant cousins to a boy 2 years younger than him who excelled in music and the arts. Even Byron’s relationship with Augusta and how they were such close friend despite the mother the-” Mills slams his hands onto my shoulders and speaks the words clearly
“Your mother is visiting you.”

“Does anyone else notice that Mr. Millers and Nash just left the front of the room?” asked Shermie
“Seems like he’s finally getting his expulsion papers signed.” said Jollo.
“Don’t be so negative Jollo.” Said Kurt.“Despite Mills having to deal with Nash since seventh grade, he’s the last person that would expel Nash or suspend him to be honest.”
“How do you know that “Charles Xavier”?” Jollo mockingly told him.
“I may not have known Nash for as long as Shermie, But I’ve know the relationship between Mills and Nash ever since the first incident in seventh grade. Anyone else remember that too?” Half of the class preceded to moan with displeasure and jeers such as “The snow roads” while the other half bursted out with laughter and cheers such as “Yes! The snow roads!”.
“I remember Nash talking about that all summer and how to do it once he got to middle school. I’d never thought he do it, but when he did do it and got in trouble he was very sweet about it.” said Shermie shyly.
“I never knew a kid was insane enough to flood a school and parking lot at night and able to freeze it with a perfectly smooth surface to ride on and ride it he did.” said the memorable Jollo. “I thought the kid would be your average jackass punk doing things just to get in trouble, but when the teachers confronted him it amazed the almost everyone what he said.”
“It even made the frost queen herself blush before her beloved.” teased Kurt.
“It also makes me wanna punch your teeth in Kurt.” Shermie cheerfully said.
“Well then tell us what he told you and the teachers.” said Kurt.
Shermie slowly melted into her chair with a red face just like butter.
“Okay fine, but if a single person in this room laughs I can swear on god himself that you will regret it!” yelled Shermie.
Jollo whispered to Kurt “Looks like the frost queen lost her cool.” Kurt just shook his head in disapproval. “Did I do something wrong?” asked the confused Jollo.
Kurt just turned his head away and mumbled “On all other sides, I am beset by idiots.” He turned back to Jollo and said “Pipe down Shermies’ about to speak.”
“When the teachers confronted them and of course the first one being Millers he told him his reasoning for this was “My friend wanted her first day of school to go nice and smooth and a day she’ll never forget and cherish. So why not make it literal and real for a friend of mine!” and it was so sweet.” quoted Shermie.
“But unlike the rest of the teachers, Mrs. Millers took him to his office to talk instead of expelling him and just like that he was let off with only 3 months of detention.” said Kurt. “He really connected with Mrs. Millers, something about him being a person he can just talk freely to. He one of two people that Nash was able to “freely talk” to. He’s the only guy that knows why Nash does these stupid things and knows more about Nash than any of his friends.”
“So what you’re saying here is that Nash might be in trouble.” said Jollo. The whole class went quiet in disbelief. You could even hear the one thought running through everyone’s mind as a faint whisper echoing through the class. Nash? The carefree Nash? In trouble with somebody or something that would cause him to be taken out the room?
“That’s not what I’m saying Jollo.” said Kurt as he broke the silence. “Nash wouldn’t get expelled over something like this but what I was saying is that Mrs. Millers might be concerned about Nash, We have nothing to worry about!”
“I guess Kurt’s right.” said Shermie. “We were just over exaggerating the situation.” Just as everyone resumed reading in their textbooks, The doors slams open with Mrs. Millers standing there as the sunrays invade the room over his shoulders. Everyone turns to hear what he says. He moves his mouth and announces to the entire class.
“As of the end of today. N.Ashner Browning is hereby expelled from school and no longer permitted on school grounds!” The entire class stares in disbelief except for Jollo who is the only one to speak.
“Well then. Seems like it’s gonna be longer than a week for Nash then.”


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