The Shadow of My Shadow

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The Shadow of My Shadow

Post by misguided ghost on Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:44 pm

My shadow has a shadow
It creeps through the world
Scared of being noticed
Running from the spotlight
Trying to blend with the other shadows
But my shadow’s shadow will forever be out of place

The shadow of my shadow is a half-breed
Part shadow
Part human
And thus
It is unaccepted by both
Shunned by humans for being a shadow
Ignored by shadows for being a human
There are some humans who care to notice her
Some shadows who bother to accept her
But no matter who says they love her
The shadow of my shadow never feels whole

The shadow of my shadow is incomplete
It wanders between the two worlds
Never quite satisfied by either
Like a puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit
But she’s trying to believe that she is worth it
misguided ghost

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